In two weeks I’m dropping an Art Project with the working title IMAGO - Stay tuned

The Warm Up: Everyone To Whom Much Was Given, Of Him Much Will Be Required

I don’t write a lot, save spoken word, but God pulled me out of a bit of a funk earlier, so I was inspired a bit & Tumblr was not cutting it for formatting whatsoever. Anyways, peep this jank if you’d like.

Checkout my little sister's Art Blog

She’s pretty dope at what she does

"I used to think that I was writing these songs for You
but I see the truth
You fill my soul till I overflow
and pour it all back out to You"

My Epic - Liturgy

Album: Behold

"You are altogether beautiful, my love;
    there is no flaw in you."

Song of Songs 4:7

"I know you and I aren’t on the same page
Much less in the same book,
But look,
I just want a chance to write my name in your life’s sonnet.
And you know they say opposites attract,
So I swear this bond could be ionic,
We could share our hearts like electronic contact"

an excerpt from

Blurred Lines  -A Spoken Word

By Trevor Wentt

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